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Risk Systems

Lime pioneers risk management solutions that offer smart and safe automated pre-trade, post-trade and end of day (EOD) risk management for equities, futures and options.


Lime Brokerage conducts pre-trade SEC 15c3-5 compliant risk checks.

Lime Brokerage’s checks and parameter updates can occur inline, in parallel, or anywhere in-between depending on a client’s desired architecture and speed appetite: Fast, Faster, and Fastest.

With these flavors, clients can spend less time worrying about checks and more time focused on the business of trading.

Lime Photonics

The search for a true kill switch finds resolution at Lime. Our patent-pending product is a fully passive, optical path hardware based kill switch triggered by violation of rules programmed in our Trading Server.

  • Enables brokers to control client access with near zero additional latency
  • Deployable with pre-trade or post-trade risk systems
  • Provides configurable account disable thresholds
  • Captures traffic to support audit trail requirements